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How to save images from a Powerpoint Presentation November 10, 2015

For Powerpoint 2010

Today I learnt a very clever way of getting all the images out of a Powerpoint Presentation.  My previous post saved each page as an image.  This post tells how to get individual images from each page.

Here is a the way to do it using PowerPoint 2010.

  • Save the Powerpoint presentation as a XPS Document.
  • Rename the saved document, replace the .xps extension with a .zip extension (as XPS documents are actually ZIP files containing a bunch of other files).
  • Extract the ZIP file with your favorite ZIP extractor and check in the Resources\Images folder.

You should find in this folder the images that are stored in the Powerpoint Presentation.

I found this information on the superuser website. 


Here they also tell you how to do it with other versions of Powerpoint. (The method is slightly different.)